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Trove labs is a full-stack web 3.0 development firm that specializes in consulting with clients to create efficient project models with practical economic structures focused on providing value to founders and investors.

By designing projects that prioritize quality, user experience and sustainability, we are able to create products on the blockchain that are unique that generate natural demand.

Our team’s extensive web 3.0 experience, in combination with cutting edge defi and blockchain technology allows us to unlock the potential hidden in your crypto startup.

Web 3.0 project advising

Trove Labs offers advising/consultation for your Crytpo/NFT startup with emphasis on business strategy, marketing, software engineering and decentralized finance.

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Tokenomoics modeling

Trove specializes in engineering tokenomic models that allow for project scaling and a sustainable economic structure.

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P2E In game economics (coming soon)

Let us help you design a token structure that integrates perfectly with your p2e in-game economy.

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Supporting projects

Jump DeFi
Good Fortune Felines
El Café Cartel
The Dons
Jump Dex
Good Fortune Felines
El Café Cartel
The Dons

Meet our team

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Co-Founder of Trove Labs. Former Laboratory Manager with extensive experience in consulting and scaling web 3.0 startup operations.

Expert at building talented teams while ensuring overall business efficiency and effectiveness.


Co-Founder of Trove Labs. Former Project Manager with a background in Construction Engineering. 

Expert in Tokenomics and Decentralized Finance with experience consulting and engineering token economies.

If your business or organization is looking for help with project design, or tokenmoic structuring from a team of experienced blockchain developers, reach out below.

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